Electric Bus Market is expected to reach USD 400 Billion by the year 2024.

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An electric bus is fueled by electricity. Electric buses have the capacity of storing the power on a beam or can be consumed continuously from an external source. These buses are generally called the battery-electric buses, in which the electric motor gets energy from a beam of battery. Electric Bus Market is expected to reach USD 400 Billion by the year 2024.

The advantages of battery-electric buses offer zero-emission, quiet operation and better acceleration compared to traditional buses. Disadvantages of battery buses are having less range, higher weight, and higher procurement costs. Battery buses are utilized in urban areas rather than for long-distance transport. Urban transit features have comparatively short intervals between charging timeliness. Sufficient recharge can be done within 4 to 5 minutes (250 to 450 kW) usually by induction or catenary. Government incentives are also a key growth driver for the electric bus market. Climate change is a significant concern across the world; thus, it has been a nation's governments target to decrease the carbon emission to control air pollution. The electric bus will assist in transforming the city transport and shift from conventional energy to eco-friendly energy.

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China is gaining high prominence in developing electric bus over rest of the world. The e-bus is comparatively new discovery than electric car and electric bike but, now every country is talking about battery powered bus with great interest. The governments of many countries understand that electric bus will transform the city transport, where many cities across the world are facing severe air pollution. According to Renub Research, e-bus has great potential to change and reshape the whole transportation industry.
The major growth driver of electric bus market is pro-government support. Climate change is one of the big concerns across the world and government of many countries set their national target to mitigate the carbon emission to control the air pollution. Electric bus will transform the city transport and shift from conventional energy to environmental friendly energy.

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In this report we have done in-depth analysis of pilot project, demonstration project, technology testing, and operational efficiency testing project of different electric bus models developed by major manufacturer across the world. We have covered almost 90 cities of Europe and Nordics to provide clear picture of current electric bus adoption by government and independent agencies.

Battery Electric Bus controls the Electric Bus Market

This report studies the market of both the segments Battery Electric Bus and Plug-in hybrid Electric Bus. This report provides the comprehensive insight of e-bus technology, the stock of e-bus by country and regions and their respective market. We have also fragmented the market of electric bus into five regions; China, Europe, Nordic, United States and India.

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