Sachet Packaging Machine Market : Facts, Figures and Analytical Insights, 2018 - 2028

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Sachet packaging machine market: Introduction

Sachets are small flexible packaging formats, and find applications in a wide range of industries. Sachets have a larger surface area as compared to their immediate competitors – stick packs, and therefore, can make more effective use of high quality printing. Producers of cups and trays have also reduced the weight of their packages in order to compete with the lighter sachets and stick packs. Additionally, pharmaceutical producers will profit from a sachet package due to the single-dose packaging offering just the right amount of product, ultimately reducing product waste.

Sachets are universally convenient and are becoming increasingly popular for virtually any application. Market growth of the standup sachet is partially attributed to high-end graphics, registered matte finishes and uniqueness of each product or consumer brand, as well as those sachets that differentiate themselves through film alternatives. In addition to these variations in film structure, end-user demand for recyclable sachets places significant constraints on the design and operation of the machine, which again makes close association between the machine supplier and customer, a prerequisite to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.

The trend for the sachet packaging machine manufacturers is to design sachet machines for short runs and it should process sachet sizes potentially smaller than their predecessor machines. Moreover, it should be configured to have a narrower unwind and machine bed width. Additionally, there are emerging opportunities for the machine supplier as narrow web printers and label companies enter the global sachet packaging machine market.

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Global sachet packaging machine market: Segmentation

On the basis of product type, the global sachet packaging machine market has been segmented as

Horizontal sachet packaging machines
Vertical sachet packaging machines
Edge Sealing Machine

On the basis of machine type, the global sachet packaging machine market has been segmented as

Automatic Machine
Semi-automatic Machine

Based on form, the global sachet packaging machine market has been segmented as

Pasty products

Based on form, the global sachet packaging machine market has been segmented as

Four Side Seal
Three Side Seal
Three Side Seal with saration
Central seal
Four Line Seal

In terms of material type, the global sachet packaging machine market has been segmented as –

High density polyethylene (HDPE)
Low density polyethylene (HDPE)
Polypropylene (PP)
Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

On the basis of end use industry, the global sachet packaging machine market has been segmented as

Food and Beverage
Consumer goods

On the basis of region, the global sachet packaging machine market has been segmented as

North America
Latin America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Asia Pacific excluding Japan
Middle East & Africa

Global sachet packaging machine market: Key Developments

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Standup Pouch Sustainability and Recycling Efforts Create New Pouch Machine Enhancements

The traditional sachet packaging machineries is capable of producing sachets made out of recyclable materials, but it has limitations such as heat sealing limitations creates production issues and sachet performance. Comparing the production run of a nominal structure to that of a recyclable structure, the sachet machine efficiency and output is lower by 20% in some cases. These problems have led some producers of sachet machineries for the investment into new technology to address the performance and manufacturing limitations regarding a recyclable standup sachet, as well as to offset the higher cost nature through production improvements in efficiency and speed.

The global packaging machinery market share is shown in above figure. Global sachet packaging machine is considered into form fill seal type. Form fill seal segment is estimated to account for 24% market share in 2016. The global packaging machinery is estimated to be valued at US$ 41.5 Bn in 2017.

Global sachet packaging machine market: Key players

Manufactures provides high speed, low noise, low power consumption, accuracy, reliable operation, durability, Some of the key players in the global sachet packaging machine market are Matrix Packaging Machinery LLC, Sikri Packaging Corporation, Hpm Global Inc., Smartpac Packaging Company, Mediseal GmbH, Wraptech Machines Pvt. Ltd, Shrijeta Peck Tech, ACG value Links LLP, Handi-Pak Inc.(Aranow Packaging Machinery), Viking Masek, , Ilapak, Inc. Marchesini Group, Omag-pack, Universal Pack, Mespack, A. P. Engineering Private Limited, R.M.S. Pack Systems Pvt. Ltd, Ge Packaging Machines, All Packaging Machinery Corp., Chung Shan Machinery Works Co, Ltd., Triangle Package Machinery Company, Bodolay Packaging Machinery, among others

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