Kraftliner Market Segments, Opportunity, Growth and Forecast By End-use Industry 2016-2027

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Introduction and Need of the Product:

Kraftliner is a type of paper which is used as the outer layer of the corrugated board which is then converted into boxes. It is made up of the virgin fiber materials. According to U.S. Dept. of Commerce publication Statistical Classification of Domestic and Foreign Commodities Exported from the U.S., the Kraftliner is defined as "paperboard or paper which contains no less than 80% fiber content which is obtained by the chemical sulfate or soda processes". Kraftliner is available in the variety of grammages varying from 100 GSM to more than 200 GSM. Kraftliner is available in bleached (predominantly produced from bleached sulfate pulp) i.e. white-top grade as well as unbleached grades to fulfill customized requirements of the corrugated packaging customers. White top Kraftliner can be easily printed with the different color to enhance aesthetics of the retail corrugated boxes. Some of the key properties of the Kraftliner is good tear resistance, high strength, durability, and good printability. Corrugated board, with bleached or unbleached Kraftliner, is used for wide range of packaging applications in the food & beverages, automotive, retail, cosmetic & personal care, and other end-use industries. The Kraftliner may also contain some amount of the recycled fiber (less than 20%) in its raw material mixture.

Kraftliner Market: Market Dynamics

Kraftliner has gained strong market traction in the past few years to the increase in the consumption of the corrugated packaging, particularly in the e-commerce and retail ready industry. The e-commerce industry has grown like anything in the past five years which has tremendously increased the demand for corrugated packaging products. As the demand for corrugated packaging products continues to increase, the demand for Kraftliner will also increase simultaneously. Recent increase in the prices of the brown and white Kraftliner indicates that the demand is increasing at a faster pace with an expected CAGR of more than 3%. The main drivers of the Kraftliner market is the high-growth in the e-commerce, retail-ready, food & beverages, and consumer goods industry, primarily in the developing countries such as India, China, Brazil, etc. The latest trend observed in the Kraftliner market is the strong focus on the development of new innovative products which are lighter in weight and offer high strength characteristics. For eg. - BillerudKorsnas AB, a Sweden-based manufacturer of paper and packaging products, offers high strength and lightweight Kraftliner which is a result of years of research and development activities of the company on renewable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging material.

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Kraftliner Market: Market Segmentation:

Kraftliner Market Segmentation: By Product Type

Bleached (White-Top) Kraftliner
Unbleached (Brown) Kraftliner

Kraftliner Market Segmentation: By Basis Weight

Up to 100 GSM
100 GSM to 150 GSM
150 GSM to 200 GSM
200 GSM to 250 GSM
More than 250 GSM

Kraftliner Market Segmentation: By End Use

Printing Industry
Electrical & Electronics
Consumer Goods
Food & Beverages

Other Industrial

Kraftliner Market: Regional Overview

On the basis of region, the Kraftliner market is segmented into seven regions which include North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Japan. The Asia-Pacific region dominates the Kraftliner market, in terms of consumption, over the forecast period. Also, the demand will increase substantially in the next few years due to the high-growth in the e-commerce and consumer goods industry. Emerging economies such as India and China may create enormous opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Kraftliner market. However, North America and Europe also represent high demand for the Kraftliner due to increasing preference for sustainable packaging solutions and high growth in the e-commerce industry. Some of the major economies such as Germany, France, and the U.S. will grow but at a slightly lower growth rate when compared to other developing countries. The Latin America, Japan, and MEA region also offer untapped growth potential in the global Kraftliner market, over the forecast years.

Kraftliner Market: Market Players

Some of the key players in the Kraftliner market are Metsä Board Oyj, Kraft Liner S.A., Stora Enso Oyj, Guangzhou KIKA Paper Industry Co., Ltd, Svenska Cellulosa AB SCA, Mondi Group Plc, BillerudKorsnas AB, PAPELERA CARBÓ S.A., DS Smith Plc, NIPPON PAPER INDUSTRIES CO., LTD., KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation, WestRock Company, Oji Fibre Solutions (NZ) Ltd., International Paper Company, U.S. Pulp & Paper, Inc., and Georgia-Pacific LLC

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Kraftliner Market: Market Structure

Kraftliner Market Tier 1 Companies: Smurfit Kappa Group, Stora Enso Oyj, Guangzhou KIKA Paper Industry Co., Ltd, Svenska Cellulosa AB SCA, Mondi Group Plc, BillerudKorsnas AB, DS Smith Plc, WestRock Company, Oji Fibre Solutions (NZ) Ltd., International Paper Company, and Georgia-Pacific LLC

Kraftliner Market Tier 2 Companies: PAPELERA CARBÓ S.A., NIPPON PAPER INDUSTRIES CO., LTD., KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation, and Metsä Board Oyj.

Kraftliner Market Tier 3 Companies: U.S. Pulp & Paper, Inc.

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