Sports Nutrition Market Growth

Sports Nutrition Market Forecast, Trend Analysis 2017 - 2022

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Delivering targeted nutrition to perform various sports activities, sports nutrition in form of powders, bars, drinks have been popular among athletes and sportspeople. However, nowadays, sports nutrition extends far beyond sportspeople and is also gaining popularity among people moving towards a healthy lifestyle including mass building, weight management. Manufacturers of sports nutrition products are focusing on the new and specialized ingredients that can supply energy and meet the nutrition requirement.  Manufacturers have started targeting fitness lifestyle users, for whom the key to a high-performance lifestyle is fitness. New appealing flavors are also being introduced, enhancing the taste and maintaining the level of protein. Research is also being conducted to include natural ingredients that are less harmful.

However, the biggest challenge remains for new entrants and startups, as in case of sports nutrition products high-preference is given to the branded and certified products. Hence, to remain competitive, companies are focusing on ingredients, a taste of the products, delivery channels, and other factors.   

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