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Any cloud kitchen, office pantry, restaurants, cafeterias will require different types of kitchen equipment for cooking. Modern cooking styles are widely different from the traditional ones and most of them make use of many technologies to cook and prepare food.

Buying all these different types of equipment and devices for a kitchen becomes a challenge due to large number ofcommercial kitchen equipment manufacturers. But one company based in India is revolutionizing the Indian commercial kitchens for decades. Let’s know about them in a bit more detail.

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Aster India is a renowned and famous brand in India that is involved in the manufacturing of kitchen equipment and machines. It manufactures various types of kitchen and food service and storage equipment. The company’s clients include some of the well-known hotel chains, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, corporate offices, lounges, hospitals, and schools.

What types of kitchen equipment does the company manufacture?

The company products include commercial foodservice equipment such as conveyor pizza ovens, utensils, tandoors, barbeque grills, exhaust hoods, refrigeration equipment. It also manufactures washing equipment such as dishwashing machines, chemicals, crate washers.

Do you think making fresh pizzas is a challenge? Try out Aster India's pizza conveyor ovens

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Electrical conveyor style pizza makers are extremely popular nowadays. They are very essential for fast cooking and even cooking on all sides. If you have been inside a pizza delivery kitchen or in a pizzeria, then you must have seen an electric conveyor pizza oven.

They help you to produce fast freshly baked pizza that is even more delicious than a traditional oven-baked pizza. They are ideal for restaurants or cloud kitchens where orders for the customers and guests need to be served fast and in large volumes. Here we will look at one such conveyor pizza manufacturing company whose products are invariably the best in the market.

When it comes to finding names of conveyor pizza oven manufacturers in India a name that has been exceeding the expectations of its customers has been Aster Technologies. The company has been manufacturing conveyor ovens for its client base. According to most of its clients, Aster Technologies is a company that is trustworthy and capable of delivering the best ovens for large scale demands.

It has been providing the needs of its clients since the 1990s.

The wide range of conveyor pizza oven features