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US$ 4 Billion Opportunity to Emerge in Bicycle Parking Racks Market, as ‘Mainstreaming’ of Bicycling Gains Ground

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The Bicycle Parking Racks Market is influenced by a combination of macroeconomic and microeconomic factors impacting growth. Awareness initiatives at grassroots levels, such as drives across universities and colleges, along with growing focus on positioning bicycling as a recreational activity continue to influence the dynamics in the market.

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A new research study envisages US$ 4 billion opportunity to emerge in the bicycle parking rack market by 2028, with urban centers and Tier II cities at forefront of new installations/construction. The growth is largely on account of a resurgence in bicycling on account of growing awareness on environmental conservation and health & wellness. The Fact.MR study opines that ‘mainstreaming’ of bicycling as a means of commute has the potential to create sizeable opportunities for stakeholders.