Automotive Knee Airbags Market

Automotive Knee Airbags Market : Innovative Trends Implemented by Manufacturers Steering Growth until 2022

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Increasing number of car accidents across the globe has made it vital for vehicles to earn top safety ratings during the crash test program. Hence, airbags in the vehicle form an important part of the safety features in the car. Most of the new cars are deploying airbags to protect occupants in frontal, rear and offset crashes with the help of airbags. However, knee airbag is considered to be one of the important safety features as they protect lower limbs. Governments and automotive governing councils across various nations have set safety standards and also provide vehicle safety ratings based on the in-vehicle safety systems.

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Along with various in-car safety systems, automotive manufacturers are focusing on providing advanced airbag system. Hence, automotive knee airbag manufacturers are providing new airbags. For instance, manufacturers are applying silicone coating on airbags to protect the fabric from heat and occupants from burn injuries. Some of the manufacturers are also focusing on developing smart airbags with various features.