Aircraft Rudder Pedals Market

Aircraft Rudder Pedals Market to Exhibit Impressive Growth During 2018-2028

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Aircraft Rudder Pedals Market: Introduction:

Aircraft rudder pedals are the pedals which are positioned on the floor of aircraft cockpit in front of the pilots, and control the movement of the rudder, at the tail of the aircraft. Aircraft rudder pedals are used to control the yaw motion (rotational motion of an aircraft around its vertical axis) while flying, as well as steer the aircraft on the ground. The aircraft rudder pedals are part of aircraft control system also called as ‘fly-by-wire’ system. It can be of three types, mechanical linkage, hydraulically actuated and electrically actuated system.

The aircraft rudder pedals are essential to control an aircraft either on ground or in air. The aircraft rudder pedals can be of two types such as, rotorcraft yaw pedals used to control the yaw motion of helicopters and other is fixed-wing rudder pedals which is used in airplanes for the yaw motion control. Furthermore, the aircraft rudder pedals can be of different types depending upon the size and specifications of an aircraft.

However, new technologies such as, auto pilot does not need a rudder pedal because the plane is controlled by the system, which eliminates the need of aircraft rudder pedals to controls the aircraft motion.

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